More troubles for Tom Holland: ‘Spider-Man 3’ is paralyzed, and it may be that by ‘Uncharted’ go for long


The crisis of the coronavirus has disrupted completely the calendar of premieres and filming in Hollywood, and without a date of return-to-normal or even approximate studies, they can’t predict when you will be able to put the machinery in motion. Have premieres to relocate in the calendar, and productions again. Tom Holland was going to have a 2020 well cargadita, and soon in quarantine at home and around the world.

Spider-Man: Far from home

The next month of July I was going to start the filming of ‘Spider-Man 3’, but the magazine Sight & Sound reports that the production is paralyzed completely. Something logical, because from home you can forward to certain things, but up to a certain point. It is difficult, as it is the situation, arrive on time to begin filming in July. But his protagonist is complicated the thing a bit more, and it is on the other shoot.

The own Holland explained in a direct a recent Instagram of Justin Bieber (via Heroic Hollywood) that the pandemic were caught the first day of filming of ‘Uncharted’: We present to you the first day of filming and we were closed. We were in Berlin. If the adaptation of the video game was ready to start shooting, Sony Pictures will give priority to that when they can roll back, which would mean that the filming of ‘Spider-Man 3’ would have to be postponed until Tom Holland would have finished ‘Uncharted’, and very likely means a delay in its premiere.

What domino effect in the UCM?

Sony recently announced that ‘Uncharted’, next to ‘Morbius’, ‘Ghostbusters: beyond’ and a few movies more, delaying its premiere, in the case of Nathan Drake to the October 8, 2021. The third movie of Spider-Man in the UCM has as a release date on the 16th of July 2021, for the time being. But everything points to that will end up changing. We will see what new date to put Marvel ‘Black Widow’, if it affects the ‘Eternals’ (November 2020 for the moment) and if it makes a domino effect on the rest of the films of the Marvel Universe.