“Oh, close your legs!”. Jennifer Lopez does not make the case, and the photograph teaching this!


Jennifer Lopez | EFE

31 march 2020
(14:00 CET)

It seems that the coronavirus is not going with Jennifer Lopez. The spread of the pandemic COVID-19 throughout the world do not seem to be a concern of the diva Bronx.

Since many countries around the world began to confine, the singer has not commented about it in any of their publications. Not a single mention of the topic.

Jennifer Lopez calla

Something that surprised so much as disgusted by many internet users, fans and especially haters. They point to users that, in moments such as this it is necessary that the personalities of all the world, to pronounce themselves and to send encouragement to their followers. And it is that view that should not only be leaders in what is good.

In addition, many have in mind that the city of the world in which more cases are occurring is in New Yorkin United States, his city of origin.

And eye, not only because it has not been pronounced, but that would have fled the big apple in order to avoid having high chances of getting infected. In other words: the opinion that JLo is of the that hides the head when they come badly given.

And in the absence of that Jennifer say a single word about the crisis of the COVID-19some of his followers are dedicated to continue publishing photos of the singer. And although you don’t have to do with the coronavirus, it does not mean that we make you viral in a matter of minutes.

The photo of Jennifer Lopez with her legs open

For example, which you can see in one of the last post published in one of these accounts of fans. An image in which Jennifer poses sitting in a chair with her legs open and wearing an outfit of bed and be at home of the most suggestive and spectacular.

“No matter what you put, is a Goddess”, “Jennifer, I love you” or “Amazing”, they write in the network. Even if one has taken the opportunity to attack it: “as you close your mouth, you close your legs!”. Attention to the photo.

Jennifer Lopez legs sila