On TV: James Brown, The brothers Cohen and Johnny Depp (Alex De Gironimo)


On Wednesday, The 1. April

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), the third film in the series. At 12:10 on Iris, channel 22. The name Edward Zwick, maybe not, she says nothing and yet, you have probably already seen and liked his films, such as ” legends of the fall (1994) with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. A film that is very violent, but interesting and addictive game, in Montana at the beginning of the twentieth century. At 13:40 on Rai Movie channel 24.

To sympathize the big trail (1964) by John Ford, one of the first films to the Indians. At 16:25 on network 4, channel 4.

Directly of the great, Nora Ephron, There is a [email protected] per te (1998) with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, is a delicious Comedy, unpretentious, but without the defects. At 17:10 on The 5, channel 30.

Get on Up: The story of James Brown (2014), a biographical film on the legendary James Brown. At 21:00 on Iris, channel 22.

Thursday, 2. April

The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook (2012) is the movie with Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar as best actor. Pray with her, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. 07:00 on Rai Movie channel 24.

Seduced and abandoned (1964) Trieste is a masterpiece of Italian cinema, directed by Pietro Germi with Stefania Sandrelli, Saro Urzì, Lando Buzzanca, and Leopoldo. A unique Film, a kind of Greek tragedy plays in the Sicily of the Sixties. At 09:00 on Rai Movie channel 24.

Not all love, A Serious Man (2009) the brothers Cohen. Personally, I think it is one of their masterpieces, one of those movies, where you think about yourself, even years later. At 17:10 on Iris, channel 22.

The bird’s-eye view (1968), the title remained noticed, it’s a war film is set during the second world war, with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood against the nazis. At 21:00 on Iris, channel 22.
Anastasia (1956), the film that he to Ingrid Bergman, who pray here, with Yul Brynner, the second of his three Oscars. At 21:10 on Tv 2000, the channel 28.

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), the first film in the series about the pirates of the Caribbean show and a sense of humor but also a bit of horror. Presented by Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom and Jonathan Pryce. At 21:20 on channel 5, channel 5.

Friday, 3. April

Red Rock West (1993), a thriller with Nicolas Cage and Dennis Hopper. At 14:40 on Iris, channel 22.
Red (1940), beautiful western attend movies directly from the great Cecil B. DeMille, with Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard. 16:00, on channel 4, channel 4.
Get on Up: The story of James Brown (2014), a biographical film on the legendary James Brown. At 16:40 on Iris, channel 22.

Alex De Gironimo