Pedro Almodóvar tells how he feels in the quarantine of the coronavirus: “I’ve stopped watching the clock”


After these weeks of quarantine, it has been proven that celebrities are also suffering as the rest of the consequences of the coronavirus, and many of them have wanted to contribute their grain of sand. Here at home, Pedro Almodóvar has expressed all his feelings through an article of The Journal that begins thus: “Until now I had refused to write. Not wanted to leave a written record of the feelings that I cause in the first days of isolation”.

  'Pain and Glory'

After eleven days in confinement, the director of films like ‘Pain and Glory’ or ‘Back’, it has been realized that your life now is not far from how it was before the quarantine, “The first thing that I discovered is that the situation for me is not so different from the usual, used to living alone and almost in a state of alarm, which is not a discovery alegre”writes Almodóvar.

I stopped to look at the clockonly what do I check to find out how many steps I’ve walked the long corridor side of my house, the corridor in which Julieta Serrano complained to Antonio Banderas that had not been a good son, referring to me”, “he added. In addition, Almodóvar confesses that he does not feel encouraged to start writing fiction, even though he recognizes that what we are experiencing is more like a story straight out of a “story of science fiction of the 50’s”that a “realistic account”.

The director is shown shocked at the situation, and he confesses that his first tears escaped after learning of Lucia Bosé had lost the life because of the coronavirus. “Every day that passes I see less news. I try to keep at bay the panic and distress”adds.

Almodóvar, excited, aware that their day-to-day is summed up in watching movies, replying to messages that had been left forgotten and, above all, to remember. To relive the past. Re-fill the head of wonderful memorieswhat seems to be the only thing that makes it “forget” for a moment, what happens outside of your apartment.

Emotions to flower of skin

From The CountryDavid Trueba also makes a statement of mixed feelings, although more focused on the complicated political and economic situation to which it is subjected to the entire planet. “A friend who lives in the united States wrote to me with his suspicions that the Spanish Government had reacted belatedly and poorly to the health crisis. To the week, the Management of Trump fell into a sway grotesque. Not only that, but the united States has lost the foot of the world leadership”, he wrote.

“Many speak of that we are facing a war, but who lived through a war know that this is not it. Let’s be serious, mistreatment a journal for the refugees of war precisely because we do not have nor idea of what is a war. What is certain is that we are immersed in an internal struggle. At times we are overcome by the pandemic, the confinement and the suspicion that you’ve done everything wrong as strategists social. And after awhile we grow in adversity, apuntalamos the strengths and we aim to a future with core values in place of values in Bag”, “he added.

Both authors convey through their words, some feelings that we keep it all inside, but they have been encouraged to share with the world. We are not alone. #QuédateEnCasa.