Prince Henry and his wife Meghan cease to be officially active members of the british royalty


LONDON, 30 mar (Reuters) – prince Henry and his american wife Meghan published Monday, his last message as active members of the british royal family, before embarking officially on new careers without the designation of “royal highnesses”.

Henry and Meghan surprised queen Elizabeth and other members of the Windsor in January when they announced their plans to retire from his actual tasks. An agreement reached later with the queen’s 93-year-old included that the couple started a new life from April.

As of Wednesday, the couple, the duke and duchess of Sussex, will be free to pursue new careers, earn their own money and spend the greater part of the time in North America.

But no longer will be able to use the word “real” in your brand or carry out official duties and have agreed not to use the appellation of His Royal Highness.

Enrique, 35 years old, the grandson of the queen and sixth in line of succession to the throne, still a prince but will relinquish his military appointments.

“Although it is possible that we do not see it here, the work continues,” said the couple in their final message to his over 11 million followers of his account of Instagram sussexroyal.

“We look forward to re-connecting with you soon. It has been great! Until then, please take great care and take care of others”, he added.

Henry and Meghan, a exactriz, were married in an extravagant ceremony in may of 2018, a wedding that many saw as a shot of Hollywood glamour and modernity to the monarchy and that became one of the couples most famous celebrities in the world.

Your son Archie was born a year later, but by that time relations with the media and with the older brother of Enrique, prince William, began to tighten, and in January announced his plans to retire from his actual responsibilities.

This caused a crisis and a subsequent agreement between the queen, the heir to the throne -prince Charles – and William, it was agreed that the couple would have to completely give up their work in royalty.

As a result, the couple will no longer use your name sussexroyal on Instagram and also update your web page The Foundation Sussex Royal, that they were creating, it will be liquidated.

However, Travalyst, an initiative of sustainable tourism launched by Enrique who had been the main objective of the foundation, will continue to operate as a non-governmental body independent.

The couple now focus on his family during the next few months while you “develop your future organization, non-profit,” said a statement from his office.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex would prefer that in the coming weeks and months, the focus remains on the global response to the COVID-19”, he added.

His last public appearance was at the beginning of march, when they joined other members of the royal family at the service for the annual Day of the Commenwealth in London.

Edited in Spanish by Lucila Sigal.