Selena Gomez “eating until you burst!” (and in pajamas): Look at the pictures!!!


31 march 2020
(14:10 CET)

There are certain celebrities that they know that, whatever they do and whatever they say, they’ll always appear your haters to pour water to the wine. And Selena Gomez is certainly one of them.

And is that, for whatever reason, the former of Justin Bieber it is one of the singers that features on the one hand, with one of the armies of fans are more numerous on the planet and, on the other, with also one of the groups of haters with the greatest number on the planet. A few haters who often turn to social networks to criticize it.

The case is that in these days of quarantine, as are so many other singers and international stars, Gomez is sharing with his followers through Instagram, a good part of their daily routines.

Your last image is not other than a picture in which we see a very smiley while you are cooking. Bearing in mind that you can only leave the house (in theory) to go to the supermarket, you should cook everything you eat, so that, as we see in the picture, you prefer to do it in a big way.

The photos of Selena Gomez

An image that has generated a lot of positive comments but, as usual, his detractors have taken to turn the situation and to point out that, taking into account the past of Selena, it would not be precisely unlikely that, in this quarantine, Gomez just taking some kilos.

And for that, they have rescued a series of photos that appeared on the networks a few months ago in which he saw the singer in her pajamas and, as pointed out many then, “Ieating until they burst!”.

Selena Gomez

A Selena that, as she herself has acknowledged, gained a lot of weight when he was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic for more than a year due to their problems of depression and anxiety. A few extra pounds that, little by little, has been losing but now, confined, and cooking large quantities, as we can see in his Instagram, you may re-take. We’ll see.

Selena Gomez