‘Sky Originals Festival’ offers open the first episode of some of its original series


The television platform Sky also want you to stay at home and if you pass you discover some of its original series and clinging… it is Better! That’s why the Saturday, April 4 is celebrated as the ‘Sky Originals Festival’, a day of marathon seriéfilo full of proposals for all tastes. So the official page in Facebook platform will offer open during this day the first episodes of some of their original series.

  'Patrick Melrose' and 'The discovery of witches'

‘Cobra’, ‘Curfew (curfew)’, ‘Patrick Melrose’, ‘Catherine the Great’, ‘The discovery of witches’, ‘Gomorrah’ and ‘Chernobyl’ are chosen to star in this tasting of what it offers Sky, a few first episodes that will be available to viewers until Sunday night.

A witch and a vampire that fall in love while investigating about the mysterious manuscript that would hide the origin of their species, a drug addict unable to escape his terrible past, or a mini-series that chronicles the nuclear explosion that took place in Chernobyl… The stories that are hidden behind each one of those chapters elect cannot be of the most varied and attractive to meet the objective of Sky: to make company to the Spanish spectators during these daysand remember that his secret not only is the choice yours payment channels, but in a fiction, impeccably you have left to conquer for the whole of Europe.

‘The Immortal: a film of Gomorrah’

The next 14 April Sky premieres a new original production starring Marco D’amore and based on the novel by Roberto Saviano. ‘The Immortal: a film of Gomorrah’ is a spin-off of ‘Gomorrah’, a series that you can enjoy entirely on the platform and that has four seasons in which to discover the ins and outs most turbulent of the camorra Italian. The aforementioned drama, that releases in original version subtitled into Spanish (with SPANISH subtitles), it is set between Naples after the earthquake of 1980 and the Riga current and tells the story of the origins of the survivor Ciro di Marzio (D’amore), known from that moment as The Immortal.