Stunning version of a cuban musician of the song “Hallelujah” during crisis by coronavirus


Every time are more the emotional moments that are leaving this great world crisis by the pandemic coronavirus and one of the most recent comes from Cuba, in the wonderful voice of the singer Hector Tellez Jr.with his searing version of the song Hallelujah.

The legendary song of the poet and singer-songwriter canadian Leonard Cohen has been versioned numerous times and has become a hymn to the world of hope, resistance, spirituality and union in difficult times, as those who are living right now.

The versatile, emotive and deep voice of Téllez goes like ring to the finger of that song, which is perfect food for the spirit in a time of sadness, uncertainty and grief are overwhelming.

The singer, known on the island by the musical group The Boys, was accompanied by pianist and producer cuban Juan Carlos Rivero, with a wide trajectory in the group Moncada.

Hallelujah it is a song that leaves you indifferent to a few, it is an evocation of both sadness as calm, but whose most important and clear message is not to lose faith and hope.

In the andalusian city of Jaén, in Spain, 41 members of the Polyphonic choir of Baeza recorded a version of Hallelujah in appreciation to the medical staff, the Bodies and Security Forces, transporters, workers of pharmacies and supermarkets and all those who are struggling from any front against the pandemic.

“We chose this song because it carries a message of hope and union,” said the Communication manager of the Musical Association City of Baeza, Fernando Viedma.

The world-renowned mexican tenor Arturo Chacón-Cruz left to one side the opera house and offered his own version of Hallelujahto send a message of strength.

The soprano cuban Diana Rosa Cárdenas Alfonso also starred in a time full of excitement at the interpret a searing version of Cecilia Valdés from his balcony in Italyone of the countries most affected by the coronavirus and the first one in mortality.

The young man, who studied at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldán and took part in Cuba’s Teatro Lírico Nacional, wanted to give a little light to their neighbors in the middle of the confinement unprecedented living due to the COVID-19.