Taylor Swift reveals who are the women who have inspired her


The famous singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, published in their social networks, a list of their favorite songs, the women that have inspired her throughout her career and some that have accompanied it in various moments of his life.

The list is formed by 51 songsamong those that stand out are “What’s Up?” of 4 Non Blondesof Dido“White Flag”; of Shania Twain, “You’re Still The one”; of Kelly Clarkson “Just Missed The train”; Shakira with “Underneath Your Clothes”; and many others.

Taylor Swift commented that the list of music is very special to her, since these powerful women led melodically, lyrically, spiritually, and emotionally without even knowing it, and stressed that he has not had the opportunity to meet in person to most of the women featured on the list.

Finally, the actress also said that the idea of making this list of songs of different women artists, it is a reference to the month of the woman, held last March 8.

  • “At the end of the month the history of women, I wanted to make a playlist of songs and artists that made music that became the soundtrack of my life for a time, a phase, journeys without end in the school bus, get my license and drive alone, screaming into a hair brush and deciding in the last instance that I wanted to do.” said the beloved singer.

Taylor Swift gives financial support to fans by the pandemic COVID-19

The singer Taylor Swift has surprised its community of fans, since that has made direct donations to multiple fans who have raved about its delicate financial situation without expecting anything in return.

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An example of this is what we lived by Holly Turner, who received a sweet message from Taylor “Holly, you’ve always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor.” Without a doubt, Taylor loves her fans