Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego know. María Teresa Campos speaks


María Teresa Campos

April 01, 2020
(13:49 CET)

María Teresa Campos is located just past the quarantine, along with her daughter Terelu Campos, in the duplex penthouse of Aravaca that I thought of leaving before all this happened. The matriarch did not want to be alone in these moments so delicate. The communicator was already at the home of his daughter, before the government decreed the state of alarm.

And, from there, has sent a message to his followers through the account of Instagram of Terelu: “I wish you to spend these days the best I can and that I take care of a lot. I am with Terelu and then I reconfortaré of this new day hard, that there are to go on living with a lot of care for the benefit of all”.

Terelu Campos and María Teresa CamposThe first weekend of quarantine connected in-line through a video call with the program Living the life. Both are following all the safety measures for not getting infected. On the one hand, Maria Theresa is a person of advanced age and Terelu has overcome cancer. Both are high risk and should take greater precautions.

“As you can see I am very well, very protected. I’ve lived a lot, I would have never believed that we would live this. I have spent 15 days without leaving the house. So, as soon as this runs out I will go running out to see my granddaughter, Alejandra”. It is the greatest desire of María Teresa Campos.

The malagueña are very happy to discover a new side of television of Alejandra Rubio. The clan Fields comes stomping. “I like how I see you and how well you do, but then we talked about some things,” he blurted out between laughs. “You already know that yes, your tips are always welcome”, replied the young man.