Terelu Campos commanded to be silent, but she speaks. “War family” (and it is for this)


Terelu Fields

31 march 2020
(13:22 CET)

Alejandra Rubio excels in the main television programs. Since I broke up with Alvaro Lobo, the daughter of Terelu Fields do not let be sets and and now everyone is talking about it. Even your former spouse. Rubio has had to respond to the comments that had to do with Suso Alvarez and other guys. Both involved denied that there was a relationship between them.

Carmen Borrego, to his aunt, he pulled the face for it in the program Emma García, Viva la vida. The collaborator was defending all the members of his family after accusations of Alvaro Lobo that branded as “ilk” through a message published on their social networks.

We will sort, but this ilk has dealt to him is always great, we have treated as if it were a member of the family“, answered Carmen Borrego. It seems that the relationship between Alejandra Rubio and Alvaro Lobo has not finished as at the beginning, preeveía. The couple were reunited at a nightclub and showed a friendly, but things between them have not ended well.

Carmen Borrego at Viva the lifeCarmen Borrego has not been the only one to stop the feet, so has Kiko Matamoros, who starts to take a liking to Alejandra Rubio. “If Kiko Matamoros says that I am where I am thanks Alexandra, I hope when I reach your age is not as he is. Jorge Javier Vázquez will I have a huge respect but to the people who he gets in the car as Rafa Mora, and he has invented things no”, has been released without any type of modesty Wolf.

Kiko is far from bring peace to this unexpected conflict, has continued putting the finger on the sore spot and has been dispatched so cute: “See, chavalito, and I say that with the life you lead such a sedentary the whole day playing to play, I don’t have a friend, that you are unable to communicate with anyone. Have you tried hooking up to the wedding of a friend through the social networks and you’re too clumsy and I’d give you a recommendation, do not go there for your own good”, has sentenced the father of Diego Matamoros.