The best deals in merchandising: ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Gremlins’


Another Wednesday has arrived, and with it also the Captain Deals with the best bargains on store merchandising to encourage your week and make you and your portfolio sonriáis. Between the chollos excellent this week find deals on the merchandising of ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and the film that is the paradigm of the nostalgia ochentera: ‘Gremlins’.

Among the best deals of the week is the merchandising of 'Game of Thrones'

Let’s start this list of unmissable deals with this LG tv and this Blu-ray player from Sony. This Smart TV comes with the artificial intelligence to ensure ease, quickness and safety of your television. Since the tv has an incredible discount of almost 50%, why don’t you include this Blu-ray player to begin your movie marathon as soon as possible?

Although the sets of the filming of ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ have been abandoned due to delays caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, you can still recreate your favorite scenes of the series with this kit of lego that guarantees you multiple hours of fun. If your series of choice is a ‘Game of Thrones’, there’s also this 3D puzzle of the Iron Throne besides this jug ceramic with the slogan of Lannister to enjoy a glass of wine to Cersei Lannister when you have built your throne.

If the current situation of the world you do want to refer to the nostalgia of the past, there’s also this plush dancing Gizmo from the film’s iconic ‘Gremlins’ – but remember not to feed it after midnight.


LG Smart TV NanoCell 4K UHD 55″ – Buy 699,25 euros

Sony Blu-ray Player – Buy for 111,00 euro


LEGO ‘Jurassic World’ T. Rex vs. Dinosaur Robotic – Buy 71,96 eur

‘Jurassic World’ Dinosaur Carnotaurus Control and Conquest (Mattel) – Buy 31,20 euros

‘Gremlins’ Gizmo plush dancer – Buy 33,61 €

Pitcher Ceramic with the motto of the Lannister (‘Game of Thrones’) – Buy it for 10,00 euros

‘Game of Thrones’ Puzzle in 3D of the Iron Throne – Buy 18,93 €


Funko Pop! Ghost (‘Game of Thrones’) – Buy it for 9,99 euros

Funko Pop! Arya Stark (‘Game of Thrones’) – Buy 13,68 €

Funko Pop! Varys (‘Game of Thrones’) – Buy for 9,95 €

Funko Pop! Dilophosaurus (‘Jurassic Park’) – Buy 12,48 €

Funko Pop! Spider-Man (‘Spider-Man: Far from home’) – Buy 13,09 €

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