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The interview with Scarlett Johansson for the main role of the cinecomic Marvel dedicated to the Black widow. Special plant dedicated to EXTRA, Tv-series, in the arrival

Although the rooms are closed and the isolation of citizens in the house, the cinema does not. And much less Best Movie. Because, according to the head of the system-communication wrote Best Movie Giorgio Viaro in his editorial: “In the middle of a not-so – great – everything is closed and all of the home – the cinema like a small thing, but nevertheless an area that huge and important two times: the economy of the country and of our soul. For the anti-body helps us to interpret, provides us against the fear of the world“. The movies are there, with their stories of “healthy carriers” of meaning, to meet this need. That is why, in the expectation that, once in place, the natural place or can you find temporary a others (as already success with The invisible man, Emma, The Hunt, trolls, World Tour, distributed on Video-on-Demand), Best Movie you can tell by some of the most interesting title of the next issue. Since the strong and the sexy Black Widow with views of the cover of the April issue. The cinecomic that Disney has once again confirmed, in the last hours slated, is the first part of Phase 4 of the Marvel universe, a new Chapter in the franchise industry. His interpreter, Scarlett Johanssonthe umanissimo past of spy mercenaries, the trauma and the horror, which he took part suggests, and the path of salvation crossed once passed, the S. H. I. E. L. D. and an Avenger. And to win a story of demise and rebirth, as the protagonist in you Again, Gavin O’connor actor Ben Affleck, that he confessed to Best Movie in a close encounter, the contact points between the personal history of the character brought to the stage and the own, troubled by divorce and problems with alcohol. On the front of the Italian cinema, the monthly, the Prodigy from our house tells of a visit on the set of Favolacce of the brothers D ‘ innocenzo, the gentlemen are playing a Silver lion at the Berlin film festival with its tale of black on the southern outskirts of Rome. In the april issue of the what interview with Lillo and Greg, a beginner is not suitable, the Director of DNA definitive.Of this number, then Best Movie will be opened in the new section Dinner withthe collaboration with the chef Tino Vettorellowith the intention to give life, to listen to the conversations and less formal than the usual interviews. The first date “to the table” is dedicated to the Golden couple of the Italian Comedy, Paola Cortellesi and Riccardo Milaniand this is also one of distancing and social isolation.In these long days of confinement at home, to make us tv channels and streaming platforms, with their tv series esaudiscono our hunger, stories and entertainment. The Tv series is devoted to the the system EXTRA Best Movie told the news in april, of devils in the cover-production with Sky Alessandro Borghi and Patrick Dempsey on the unforgiving world of high Finance up to The Mandalorian, flagship product of the newly founded platform Disney+.

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