The day that Alejandra Guzman taught me the pants at a concert


Alejandra Guzman it is one of the singers more “Rebels” in Mexico, and is the interpreter of “Forever bella bella” he knows how to put his followers to rock in their concerts, which are converted into an experience.

Through social networks their fans celebrated when the mom of Frida Sofia showed her panties, when you want to take a photo with her followers, as she bent over and her dress went up, leaving to see the panties of the interpreter.

In the video you can see the underwear color clear, yes, the most fascinated were their fans, who were able to appreciate the “aquellito” the interpreter “Mirala, miralo”.

The video is from the year 2015, and may be noticed as the singer looks noticeably younger, in addition to having a hair cut is completely different from the current, and wear more daring.

Alejandra Guzmán and his lawsuit with Frida

The mexican singer has spent a few years very complicated, because he has had several fights with her daughter, Frida Sofia, after that the interpreter be captured with the boyfriend of her daughter.

The fight became a clash of the media full of dimes and bickering, however, the singer said that she had never gotten involved with the ex-boyfriend of his daughter, despite the fact that he saw with him.

Despite their fights, each time Alejandra Guzmán gives a concert, he always sings the song “I waited for you” which he dedicated to Frida Sofia, and just before you sing it, always take the opportunity to send a message to her daughter, with the hope that some day the relationship re-established.

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The singer is one of the most important in Mexico, and has over 2 million followers on Instagram, in fact, there are very few missing to reach 3 million fans.