“The Earth is crying”, the emotive topic of Issac Delgado, Lenier, Kim and Dany, Laritza Bacallao and more for the coronavirus


Several cuban artists on the island have taken the initiative to unite their voices to send a message to the citizens through the music, with the goal of coming together to fight with intelligence the crisis in international public health that has caused the spread of COVID -19.

This is the new project in collaboration that have made cuban singers Juan Guillermo Almeida, Laritza Bacallao, Yali, Kim and Dany, Lenier Table, Issac Delgado and Wampi.

The artists have been responsible for interpreting The Earth is crying, an emotional theme through which to make a call to social consciousness and coherence in these difficult times in which the coronavirus it has claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

The simple has been introduced by a video clip that was uploaded to the official YouTube channel of John William. In the material we can see to each one of the performers from the recording studio in which you carried out the theme, as well as the passage of several images that show some of the hard moments that lived in China, a country that began to take hold of the coronavirusduring the pandemic.

In the description of the audio-visual we can read a message of thanks from Juan Guillermo, or simply JG, all the artists and technicians who made possible the creation of The Earth is crying.

“Thanks to Laritza Bacallao, Yali, Kim and Dany, Issac Delgado, Lenier and Wampi by joining forces and singing to the life. Thanks to WongK and Victor Musik for this incredible music. Thanks to all these artists for taking their time to make others happy. Thanks to the Lace Music for the support always and to all my work team,” wrote John William.

Also, include a few words in which JG discusses some of the feelings that hide behind the song.

“Today The Earth is crying. With this song I was able to communicate my feelings about this global crisis that we are now in day. Written masterfully by Yalieski Zaldivar and with the address of Paul Galafat in this video clip, we join several cuban musicians to reach out through our art to all the hearts of every person of this universe”, he added JG.