The future of ‘the Good Doctor’ after the tragic end of the third season



*This article reveals spoilers from the end of the third season of ‘The Good Doctor’.

The last two chapters of the third season of ‘The Good Doctor’ have culminated in a tragic end after the great earthquake that devastated San Jose, bringing with it the destruction, the death and making it impossible for the staff of St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Freddie Highmore and Irene Choi in 'The Good Doctor'

The doctors that the viewers have followed during the series were not exempt from the damage, with Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) died from a severe case of ischemic bowel after to continue helping the wounded despite his own injuries.

This exit sad of a character very dear was not the only loss that the viewers have had to face in the end as Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) has hinted that the next seasons will bring their departure from the series, and the plot poignant Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) ended in tragedy when he ignored the complications of his rheumatoid arthritis, to please do the surgery for the victims of the disaster, something that could result in the permanent damage of their hands. Even with the meeting about the romantic Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Read (Paige Spara) to offer fans a respite from the tragedy, there has been a final full of emotion. Now, one of the creators of the series, David Shore, speaks of the end and reveals how the future of the drama will be affected by the disaster doctor’s actual coronavirus.

Talking with DeadlineDavid Shore explains that a “series unashamedly emotional” can’t hesitate to talk about the themes of death and loss. “When you do a story like that, you want to be sincere. When you do a series as well, you want to address the morality”, says Shore. “Once in a while, need bad results to keep things honest and for the audience to keep believing that bad things are going to happen.” Therefore, it seems natural that Dr. Melendez, a character who has personal connections with most of the staff of St. Bonaventure Hospital, was the one who did not survive the last chapter. “We wanted to lose to a character that would make us feel something… This is the nature of this type of series. Advances, and people come and go. This series is one to be dynamic. Will come new characters, will be old, and feel the suffering when they go away, and we feel the enthusiasm when you come. Everything is designed to give us the opportunity of analyzing different relationships”.

Needless to say that an ending as this has been established frames and impact very interesting to be explored in the next season, although Shore is very quiet in regards to the fourth season. “I can not say much”, supports the creator of the series. “I’m excited for all the opportunities that are set forth in this chapter. I’m not a genius enough to know where it leads all of this. That’s what’s exciting for me, too… Everything is going to be determined over the next few months, while we sit in the living room of screenwriters… and give more body to these opportunities.”

How a series of medical is dealing with the coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus outbreak is slowing down the production of many series and movies, it could be that this room of writers in a digital when the time comes to hammer out the details of the fourth season. “It is not ideal, but it is not ideal for anyone, of course”, Shore says the COVID-19 and its impact on the industry. “We are having conversations now. We have not started yet, but I suspect that when we start, we will do this through a video conference and we’ll see how we get it”.

The third season of 'The Good Doctor' brings with it a natural disaster that affects the hospital professionals

Despite being a series medical, or professionals of St. Bonaventure Hospital nor the creators can predict how the pandemic is going to affect series such as ‘The Good Doctor’ in the future. “This is a challenge for society”, explains Shore. “Our challenges are so small in comparison, but yes, we will have to make some decisions in that regard, and I think that, to a certain point, we will have to live in that reality. But we do not know how to look that reality”. What Shore believes that, in the future, the showrunners of dramas doctors will have to address the issue of the real pandemic? “We don’t want to exploit the current situation”, says Shore diplomatically. “But we’re telling stories about the world in which we live, and this is a part of the world in which we are living right now… last season, we did a chapter on the quarantine, about a respiratory disease. To the people that were involved, it was very, very significant, but it was not global”. If ‘The Good Doctor’ to address the issue of the pandemic, Shore explains why no focus on the global scale, but in the individual stories that would emerge from the crisis: “I want to tell personal stories, individual stories, and how a global pandemic affects a family is the kind of story that might interest me. How it reacts to the society in general does not interest me that much.”

Although series such as ‘The Good Doctor’ are not at the forefront of medical expertise, the equipment they have at their disposal can help the real experts, and the series has donated a lot of equipment to the medical professionals who are working during the pandemic. “See, the world has a crisis. We are pretending to save lives, and there are people out there who are really saving the lives… It was obvious that we should also give this team and do what we can”.

‘The Good Doctor’ airs on AXN, and is available to view in streaming on Movistar+.