The hair stylist: “my 5 tips to keep your hair at home. We revolutionized us on the lounges”


“I was always a supporter of the idea of a beautiful, of the sun, and with the closure of shops and quarantined with the virus, the women liberate themselves in spite of the taboos of the fold. There is a new Manifesto-freedom from capital for the future, it seems to me,”. Rossano Ferretti , the Ambassador of the global Wella and hair-stylist of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Middleton (on a tip from mama Carole) as defined by the Telegraph as “the world’s most expensive stylist”, the most exclusive in the world, observed the change in the world of monte carlo, where he was one of his salons around the world, from Miami to New York from Los Cabos to Dubai.

The revolution in the salon

“Everyone is waiting for the re-opening of the shops, but nothing will ever be the same as before: measure revolutionized, where the rite of the speech and the meeting place will disappear with the girlfriends. The rest I have had for years, I’ve shaped my salons to a service, almost personally, with brushes and kimono exclusively one-way: my obsession with hygiene has me will always be to disinfect lavatesta and chair: must tomorrow be the rule for all.” In its shops the most beautiful women in the world has combed) and today they tell the women how to be beautiful at home alone. “In our salons, which also starts at home, the process of lavatesta, in this case, out of the shower: before the woman’s bathroom, he’s got the hair, use a brush with tines and wide, to remove knots and dirt,” explains Mr. Ferretti. The other measure is the use of l‘lukewarm water not to be stimulated in order to stimulate the sweat glands: “the shampoo must be applied before you on the neck, and then in the middle of the head, to avoid straining your hair. The curls do not go, neither side wipe, but massaging”. Between the stages there is this the rinsemust be abundant, but before a mask or a conditioner and distribute with a comb, is very broad, in order to prevent the break”.

Drying and the natural anti-Crespo

A long time passed, in the house help, to manage well the steps of: the slowness of the gestures is an ally of beauty. “Council, let the hair wet, wrapped in a towel, as it were, a turbanat least for 5 minutes so that excess moisture is absorbed. Then the drying starts is head downso volumizzare in a natural way, the hair: the correct technique is of the roots to the tips”. Between the secrets of anti-Crespo, there is a surprise the hands: “Have the natural fat that they are evenly distributed in streaks, if we with the fingers through the hair while drying”. Not to stress anyone can use at home instruments, semi-professional, but you see, the hair. “The GHD Platinum Plus is a valuable tool, but it should always be on dry hair and only on the lengths and ends-As an alternative, use a brush just on the lengths and ends, leave the volume at the root and remove the pile up to the tips”. After drying, the Council will always be a serum or oil to apply, very useful against fine dust”.

“The remedies of the grandmother? Useless”

The famous remedy of the grandmother, Rossano Ferretti calls for caution. “These days, I get several e-mails, or messages in which you ask me, if you with the old methods, someone even came to ask if you can use turmeric or beet: would like to be here on this I clearly, in the case of the course of time fun, then there is no problem. But if the intention is to do something really useful, I invite then to think that the days of the grandmothers, were very different from our own, yet did not exist, for example, fine dust in our hair cause damage to, and which we must protect ourselves with special products. Ordered online and can be used even at home. Also in Mumbai, the women in the 1700 spazzolavano the hair with the oil: today, with this degree of pollution, if you have the same hair, maybe you lose”.The white, it is a line, the fundamentalist almost. “There is a stick, a spray, and also dyes of forces, but we use this time to detox a little, and perhaps you will discover, on the one hand, of course, that it maybe more”.

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