The little bathroom of Kylie Jenner (you millions in hours!) revolutionizing Instagram


April 01, 2020
(12:05 CET)

There are a few of the celebrities worldwide are taking advantage of this quarantine, to keep updating their social networks. One of them is Kylie Jenner. The smallest of the clan of the Kardashian has decided to share with his followers their different states of mind during a confinement, which, as you well know Jenner, it seems that going for long.

One of his last publications, in fact, is a reflection of your mood: we see her sitting in front of the mirror very “boring”. Much Kylie can’t complain precisely of space, having as you have a mansion, the fact of not being able to get out and see your friends is something that is starting to take a toll.

Yes, there are certain routines that you have decided to keep. And one of them is to hang also in the networks and pictures that become viral in just hours. His latest publication is a clear example of this.

The costume of Kylie Jenner

And is that the sister of Kim Kardashian has decided to hang up a picture in your account in which we see very sensual, wearing a swimsuit, as pointed out by his followers, “it looks cool”.


A publication shared Kylie ? (@kyliejenner) the

An image that, as expected, has not made another thing that to become viral in just hours. Are neither more nor less than 5.5 million likes on the leads accumulated in just 9 hours since I published it.

A figure of scandal that has come also accompanied by thousands of comments. Yes, as usual, and more with this type of photos, the vast majority of the comments have pointed in the same direction: praise him in the beauty of Kylie.

“It’s a goddess”, “can’t be more sensual than this woman”, “Kylie Jenner has managed to even surpass his sister, Kim”, “Now I understand because they are so many and so many who follow this woman”, “Brutal”, “What do you gain from the arrival of summer to see more photos of Kylie in a swimsuit” or “it Is beastly this woman” these are just some of them.