The moving tears of the Spanish actor Tristán Ulloa, from the series “Narcos”, after having surpassed the coronavirus


The good news arrive like rays of light amid the darkness. The Spanish actor Tristan Ulloa has announced tearfully that has surpassed the coronavirus in Spain, becoming one of the more than 14 thousand people have been cured of the disease in the country to date.

“I’ve just received the best news: I go back to house”, has begun with a faltering voice actor from series such as Narcos or Fariña in the emotional message that you have posted on his Instagram, where he appears visibly moved after having been several days fighting with the virus.

“I am very happy, I wanted to thank you all for being there, for me, I’ve felt very embraced,” he expressed after breaking crying.

In the video, the actor of 49 years has wanted to address specially to the heroes of this struggle: the healthcare staff.

“Leave you here to people spectacular, people who deserve it all, that deserves to listen, to let them talk for us to realize what they are doing and in what conditions, what they are doing. Are people very young and brave it is in the first line of fire with the minimum”, account in the exciting clip, which has a qualified “third-world” conditions in the hospitals.

In the same video, has denounced the conditions in which they work the health professionals in Spain and have counted as their experience has been. “I’ve gone from a chair, to an armchair, with very senior people by sharing tiritonas and fears. Then to a stretcher, to a cubicle and, finally, when it has been released a bed in the plant, I have had the luck of coming. With all the contradictions that involves leaving what you have just seen,” he recounted with tears in his eyes.

We need to each do our part and not leaving the house

To conclude this message, the actor wanted to send a message of hope to the rest of the citizenship, to which he has encouraged to listen to the doctors: “Everything is going to be good, we need to each do our part and not leaving the house. Let’s fight today, tomorrow is another day”.