‘The nanny’ relives his first episode in a reunion virtual with its protagonists


For the millennials veterans, ‘The babysitter’ is one of those beloved series noventeras that in addition to shine in your day, have not failed to win over the years. And is that now many fans are rediscovering through Prime Video the hand of a few marathons so filled with layers of humor. Those dialogues sarcastic-laden phrases incisive and hilarious, as they received life from the hand of the character played by ‘Fran Drescher’, and thank you to all those children that made the fiction so unique. Drescher, creator of the series also in charge of giving life to the girl, Flushing (Queens) that he ended up being the nanny to the Sheffield (almost) coincidence; has just announced that before the pandemic it is best to organize a reunion virtual.

  Fran Drescher with the cast of 'The nanny'

Drescher, always willing to remember what it was for many viewers of that sitcom, had thrown the bait a few days ago as a response to a fan who pleaded for the return of the nanny of the hand of any platform. And is that apparently in the united States do not have our luck and ‘The nanny’, for the moment, not available on streaming. Someone put ‘The nanny’ in any streaming platform please I beg you!!! I’m going to start 10 days of confinement in my house and the only thing that I want is @frandrescher of the 90s!!!”.

To this I pray for the also producer of the show responded with a “hang in there! We have a surprise for you! We’ll announce this week! Be careful! Weeee!!!”. The confirmation of that surprise came just a few days after when Drescher launched a press release in which it announced the event along with the co-creator of the series Peter Marc Jacobson. “The laughter is the best medicine! So, in these difficult times, wouldn’t it be great to gather all the cast of ‘The nanny’ for a virtual reading of the script of the first episode? We will organize a performance pandemic of those that occur once in the life for our fans, who are currently distressed by isolation, they may perk up a bit. To us has encouraged us so we hope to do the same for you.

Prepares the snacks

The best thing with this event is to get supplies as if Sylvia were to be passed by the house to relive that chapter of the pilot. How and when will you be prepared? Well, according to reports Variety, the appointment, scheduled for Monday, April 6, may be followed through the channel YouTube Sony Picturesand if in the united States is scheduled for some time in the morning, then we have that in our country can be seen in the afternoon of that same day.