The photo of Emily Ratajkowski in the bathtub with foam and doing it with him!


31 march 2020
(12:10 CET)

Emily Ratajkowski is fast becoming one of the celebrities of this quarantine. And that is probably boring to be confined in his house, Emily is turning your time on the social networks.

It was at the end of last week when the model surprised her fans with a video session that, of course, gave a lot to talk about. Among other things, because he appeared to Ratajkowski as God brought the world in the comfort of a balcony behind a curtain. A picture that, taking into account how much you could have guessed, he did not make another thing that petarlo in your account, where it accumulates as neither more nor less than 1.5 million likes.

The photo in the tub

But of course, Emily you know very well that, for much that is locked up at home, you must continue to ‘work’. And one of their jobs is to advertise some of the brands with which it collaborates through social networks.

In this case it has chosen to hang a picture in which we see her and one of her friends and also celebrity Josh Ostrovsky tucked inside the tub and with only foam covering her intimate parts.

What the excuse of this particular daring dropped? Advertise a brand of wine canned. An excuse that has served it so that the image itself collect neither more nor less than more than half a million of likes in just a few hours.

Sure, many of the directors of the company of the wine in question will be more than happy watching as Emily and Josh they are helping in these moments. And what better way to advertise a product so unusual (remember, wine canned) that posing in the bath with foam.

A picture which, since then, not that it has passed unnoticed among a community of fans of Emily is seeing how, despite the quarantine, Emily is still as daring and sensual as ever.