The photo of Jennifer Lopez with a mini body of Swarovski (and nothing more)


April 01, 2020
(14:59 CET)

Few influencers have a body so profiled as Jennifer Lopez. At least a few that have 50 years and have had some pregnancy throughout your life. In addition, the u.s. gave birth to twins. That is to say, she was not easy to retrieve the line.

But she got it. And as best know. Respecting to the maximum its-hour fitness center. The american singer spends hours practicing exercise. Something that you can check often on your account Instagram. For example, in the following publication.

Or in this other, in which JLo appears next to your partner, the ex-baseball player Álex Rodríguez. Since then, JLo has been known to those who join.

Jennifer Lopez keeps the line like nobody else

All this, of course, accompanied by a healthy diet balanced. The diva Bronx strictly follow the diet that designs together with the best nutritionists.

All in all, the north american origin puerto rican knows that the results are noticeable. And that’s why we often like to boast of type with pictures like the one shared below.

The body of bright of Jennifer Lopez

It has earned Jennifer get the not inconsiderable figure of 110 million followers in Instagram. And not only that. Their fans have hundreds of accounts created in honor of the celebrity. Accounts in which you can find photos unpublished from the artist.

Especially these days, in which the new york not shown too active on social networks. And is that from which it began to spread to global pandemic coronavirus Jennifer just posted a video today.

Photos as appear in the following lines. Snapshots taken during one of their concerts with an outfit that is spectacular, consisting of a minibody of bright that shows it in good way that is but it does not teach anything more than the account.

Jennifer Lopez body

Jennifer Lopez body 1