The “romantic” surprise to the husband of Kelly Clarkson in the Carpool Karaoke


If few days ago we saw Pink singing upside down in the Carpool Karaoke, on this occasion, the guest of James Corden has been Kelly Clarkson. The artist has recently released his new album titled ‘Meaning of Life‘.

Kelly got in the car in Corder and in his walk by the Angels played alongside the presenter on songs like ‘Since You Been Gone’. Corden wanted to praise for the voice the singer, declaring that even could make it sound good phrases like “Do you want the receipt? Put it in the bag“and did not hesitate to prove it.

But there was definitely a moment that will make Kelly Clarkson don’t ever forget his participation in this program and it was the moment that James Corden had the ingenious idea of prepare you to the american a romantic date surprise with her husband. But that is not all, during the original appointment, James Corden led and a a violinist played from the passenger seat . A situation somewhat surreal, in fact Brandon Blackstock, husband and manager of Kelly’s, he went on to state “I feel as if we were making porn”. We will, as we said, an authentic momentazo.