The united states surpasses China in number of people killed by coronavirus


The number of deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. exceeded the figure reported by China, a country where the source of the pandemic, after which the american nation is informed of 3.393 deaths this Tuesday.

For its part, the asian giant has been exposed officially a figure of 3.309 deaths due to the COVID-19, whose beginnings of the infection is identified in the city of Wuhan.

These latest figures from the united States rank as the third country with the highest number of deaths in the world, after Italy and Spain.

However, the figures referred to by the chinese government in respect of the amount of the deceased they have been put into question on more than one occasion.

The pandemic caused the death of 2.535 persons in Wuhan, a city of 11 million inhabitants, but the saturation of hospitals with the advance of the disease, as well as the attempts that have been described by the authorities for covering up the outbreak in its early beginnings, similar to the variation of criteria in order to register the official cases, today, are cause for suspicion or distrust in social networks and means of communication.

Also it transpired that the doctor Li Wenliang, who had warned in December of the imminence of the outbreak in a chat doctor, he was warned by the security of the state and pointed out in an editorial of the “people’s Daily”, the official organ of the chinese Communist Party, for “spreading false rumours”. Wenliang would die after infected with the virus, the past month of February.

Other images that have been published in the wake of the damage, showing a high number of polls, suggest that the number of deaths may be much greater than recognized by the chinese authorities in their reports.

A journalist revealed that there are running eight large crematoria in the region and took photographs secretly of one of them, estimating that it would be delivered there to 500 polls per day, in each incinerator of corpses.

On the other hand, an independent means of so-called Caixincalculated that the week came in two shipments of around 2,500 polls to a single funeral in 2 days in a row amounting to 5,000.

Also the news agency Bloomberg made a phone call to the funeral of Wuhan, but none wanted to give details or specify what number of ballots they had received, or had already handed over to family members.

Given these attitudes, when least suspected, the G7 countries accused the chinese regime, in a statement, embarking on a campaign of intentional misinformation and have become, therefore, a threat to global health.

The doubt has also fallen on the figures recognised among other european countries, in front of the behavior that has been shown to the virus in terms of its high rates and the speed of hiv infections in nations and specific locations.

At the global level, the positive cases of the coronavirus to exceed 826.000, while the number of deaths exceeds 40,000.

This Tuesday, the total number of cases in the united States reached the 175.067, being the country with the highest number of infections.

The number of deaths in Italy is above 12,000. In Spain, it is reported more than 8,000 deaths.

From united States, the largest numbers are reported in the state of New York, where up to this moment were set out in more than 75,000 cases positive, more than 1,500 deaths due to the pandemic, and no patient recovered.

On Saturday, New York came to report more than 200 deaths in just 24 hours. In view of the situation, the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced that it would postpone the presidential primary election, to be held from 28 April to 23 June.

Cuomo asked the pharmacies that deliver medications to the homes free of charge, and revealed that the president, Donald Trump had approved the construction of four hospitals, additional temporary in the city of New York.

Authorities of the united States ahead that the country planned to build hundreds of hospitals temporary to relieve the increased pressure on the medical centersdue to the growing and continuing arrival of infected patients.

Florida, by their side, recognizes a total of 6.096 positive cases of coronavirus. The worst situation is manifested in the county of Miami-Dade, with helped 1,926 people infected with hiv. In the state, the number of deaths reached 77 on Tuesday, according to data collected by the Florida Department of Health.