Tonight, in Florence, of mines, of Which The positive side: the programs tonight on TV


ROME – Film, talent show and cultural evening on the small screen this evening. Alberto Angela brings the audience to the discovery of Florence. On Rai Movie double is a must for all cineastes: up to 21.10 PM, for the cycle of the ‘Proud English’ andra’ in wave-the movie”Mine Got Lost’ by Ferzan ozpetek. Follow ‘The positive’, dramedy with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, thanks to his performance and won the Oscar in 2013 as best actress.

Rai 1

Tonight in Florence | 21.25

In the night, without the crowds of tourists, you have the privilege to discover one of the most visited cities and admire in the world, with you and you with the masterpieces. Alberto Angela takes his audience in Florence.

Rai 2

Tg2 Post | 21.20

Section info-TG2 Director Gennaro Sangiuliano.

Rai 3

Anyone who has seen him? | 21.45

The search for missing persons and topics, timeline led by Federica Sciarelli. Marina and Valerio, the parents of Marco Vannini, guests, anyone Who has seen him? and thank you for all of the people that their in addition to after the judgment, the court of cassation, that he came to an appeals procedure to the valuation of the liability by Antonio Ciontoli and his family. A

Network 4

From the choir | 21.30

Dates, the investigation of facts and the interpretation of the themes that warm the attualita’ – politics and history. Guests of this application Giorgia Meloni, Carlo Cottarelli, and the professors Massimo Galli and Giuseppe Remuzzi.