we will never be in the hall, as before the epidemic?

It is sad to say, and yet it is so. The Coronavirus has analysis swept all and the good prospects that Hollywood had. on the summer season, usually the of the great collections and great blockbuster On the “Variety” of the reflection is degrading: “Say goodbye to in a time of great success, at least for this year”. Already, because all the big titles have been closed or an optimistic 2021 in The United States questions back on another, what’s the point in trying to plan with the uncertainty of the times and modes. And if everything will be over? Will?re all free assembrati in the halls, like in the old times

The pandemic Coronavirus has swept the good mood between the manufacturers. Only yesterday, the news of the Sony is pulling the plug projects this year: “Morbius”, the continuation of the Ghostbuster, are pushed between the outputs to 2021. Historically, the season of the film, summer was always more profitable for the American film industry. 40% of its revenue, according to Comscore, between may and august. This summer, to the point, you had a movie about black widow with Scarlett Johansson, “Fast and Furious 9” and “Wonder Woman “1984”. And still “teaching” by Christopher Nolan, and “Top Gun: Maverick”, which is not back yet officially. But it is practically her destiny sealed.

What is success in China is

In China, the cinema has re-opened, in short, until March, when it seemed that now the emergency was over. After a few days everything was closed again, for no apparent explanation, and, although the apertures, the Chinese looked good to go in the hall. Because it is the perception of an event changes, open to the public with a world-wide pandemic in progress. This is a Central question, the most important question, the one on the ethical level and the organization level. In the United States, as in Italy and in the world.

With the digital solution

You could open limited in number, in the less affected areas. On an economic level, it remains problematic to maintain the moving train. To leave the solution solely in digital, for the moment, do not cover the cost, but still an alternative. In Italy, for example, from 23 april to win Back come “,” the last film of Ben Affleck, that in The Usa, already released a couple of months old. In the usa, are already available in digital films, which were at the time of closing in the halls. New ways on the horizon for the international cinema. Among so much uncertainty and so much pain.

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