“What is?”. Karol G moves as well in pajamas. The video of last time which has millions of visits


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April 01, 2020
(18:57 CET)

The quarantine is getting out of control for Karol G. And it is that, faced with an excess of free time, the colombian singer is exceeding your level of sensuality in each new publication. Since neither the followers know where you are going to stop the artist. The last thing that made you wonder their faithful if they had made more, was a dance in her pajamas where it shows everything. The counter shot up with millions of views, because it makes it impossible to see the video once.

Using a pajama brown with figures, Karol is prepared to dance to show a new song and find the prominence that these days may not have on the stage. The dance was a natural one, but skipped the eye when he decided to show his rear in all its glory. Apparently he was keeping a surprise increase to its next submission, as the retouch esthetic note.

For the interpreter of Tusa, the numbers of interaction high are the common denominator, however, 7 million of reproductions up to it is a number that is worth celebrating.

Some of the comments that were found in the publication were: “Operaaadaa”, “Cuanto te amo Karol” and “set more bacano”.

Karol G responds to criticism with solidarity

To those who accuse her of passing the quarantine boasting of all their luxuries, while others are evil in every sense, she has wanted to give the example from their actions.

Karol G made donations through the Corporation Changing Minds, which he used as a way to give support to a total of 600 families in colombia that are affected to a greater extent for everything that happens. Between food, medicine and payment of rent split the help of the reguetonera. Not everything is dancing in pajamas for the Warrior of the Genre Urban, who this time showed his side in solidarity in favor of his country.