You should stop eating fried potatoes. Found this. Your health is at risk



31 march 2020
(18:49 CET)

In the last few months it seems that nutritionists want to take away the good life, however, it is to take care of the health as best as possible. We know that the fries are favorite food of many people in the world, in fact, their history is quite extensive. What is certain is that your health has been at risk all this time for its consumption, as it was not identified an agent that, when ingested frequently, can cause devastating effects.

The antihero in this case becomes to be the acrylamide. Although since 2002 began studies at the detail on this organic compound, after 13 years, it was that they started the warnings about their actual risk. In the face of scepticism from the population, the European Food Safety Authority by means of a communiqué left in evidence the relationship between acrylamide and of getting cancer.

Unfortunately, the food that is found with the highest values of acrylamide is the fried potato. Can something be done to reduce the risk? Yes, there are recommendations for the compound to harmful minimize.

To reduce the risk of acrylamide in French fries

It is best to eliminate fried foods from your eating habits, however, as we know that it can get to cost you, we recommend the following.

Limits the maximum temperature fríes, the ideal is not to exceed 120 ° c, but a few degrees above will not cause damage of concern. Although always leaving as the point banned 170ºC.

It is also important to reduce the time in which the potatoes are fried, so that the golden color is selected. A darker color represents the risk of a large amount of acrylamide.

Finally, we leave the types of potatoes with higher acrylamide, in such a way that the descartes: Lady White, Desirée, Russet and Harmony.

The French fries are not a healthy choice, but with these simple steps, you can take care of your health.