Young cuban dazzles on the networks singing from her home during the forty by the coronavirus


A young cuban artist named Leslie Guzman has earned the affection and applause virtual of thousands of users of Facebook to join the nice initiative of singing in the social networks to entertain hundreds of users who are currently in their households quarantined due to the spread of coronavirus.

Leslie, who resides in Cuba, and is possessed of a ringing voice spectacular, was challenged by a friend to sing on live through your profile, some of the songs through a live stream. And so he did.

Although this was the first time he had performed an action of this type through the social networks, the young man gave to his followers and friends a beautiful interpretation of the a cappella live for some songs, such as Tirana of the late cuban singer La Lupe, with the managed to dazzle every one that heard it.

In matters of minutes, the video of Leslie became viral among the cuban community in Facebook and was shared more than 130 times. Also, accumulated to date, hundreds of comments that we would like to thank the young man his performance, they will praise his great talent for singing, and wish him the best of success.

“Blessings to this musical talent, bravo. Hits cubanita”, “Wow, without words, that voice,” “thank you very much for entertain us with your art”, “Congratulations, you’re beautiful and you have great potential, I hope you get very far” or “Oh my black what kind voice, I never get tired of telling you every time you listen to me hedgehog, thanks for the song, still well I told you one day that you were going to get away”, “Ole for you mulata, what a beautiful sing, in addition, the environment is perfect”, are some of the messages that you have left the cuban.

After the success of his first live transmission, there were some who urged Leslie to continue doing this type of transmissions so as to bring joy to those who are serving confinement in their homes by the threat of the pandemic COVID – 19.

In fact, Leslie decided to repeat the experience and did another live video on your profile in which this time he sang some of the most popular themes of the orchestra Lazarito Vald├ęs, Bamboleo, and much more.