A group of health conquest to Alejandro Sanz dancing to “Single Ladies” Beyonce


Alejandro Sanz you know perfectly well that music and laughter are two ingredients that can not miss in these difficult times that we are living with the crisis of the coronavirus. For this reason, the Spanish singer has been lively to get us a smile with a video that has become viral in the last few hours and has not hesitated to share with his millions of followers on Instagram.

In order to convey good cheer and a small dose of sense of humor, the interpreter of Heart Partío you have shared a clip in which a group of Spanish health care dancing in the hallway of a hospital, the famous choreography of Single Ladiesone of the great successes of Beyoncé.

To accompany this fun dance in which the six health appear equipped with their protective suits to combat the coronavirus, the singer has written a positive message to lift your spirits and prove that any situation is more bearable with laughter: “to Conserve the humor is also an act of courage.”

The video exceeded only in the profile of the singer one million of reproductions and there are many users of Instagram who have applauded the initiative of the six toilets that have been able to make laugh many people, despite the circumstances.

“They are very large, and they are fighting like real warriors”, “That courage to keep such a good mood, makes them even more brave if it should be”, “If people, in their circumstances, are able to smile, that we get stressed by being locked up in the house we would have to rethink a lot of the movie… thanks!!!! CRACKS” or “Because dance heals the soul and they deserve to be given time to dance to heal so much concern, so much work, and sadness that live journal”, are some of the comments that have been left along the post of the musician.

During these days of confinement would have been many times in which we have seen as doctors or police officers have gone beyond their task to “serve and protect” and have entertained and made people laugh with his witticisms to make more bearable these weeks of confinement.

Without going any further, a few days ago we saw a group of police dance the children’s song Baby Shark in the middle of the street to encourage children and adults in these times of uncertainty.

On the other hand, artists and celebrities are also putting all of your part to entertain in the extent of its possibilities, to its unconditional. A task that was taken very seriously by Alejandro Sanz, who in addition to sharing all kinds of content to brighten up the day for their fans (as the video of the doctors dancing), is also sending messages of encouragement and doing concerts online. Thank you!