Actor “House of Flowers” reveals NEW trailer for the series (VIDEO)


The third season of the series “The House of the Flowers” to be released on April 23, but apparently a new trailer has been left shocked fans, because it will reveal the mysteries of the family “De la Mora”.

In the first trailer of the production that was launched some weeks ago, are various scenes from the past of the protagonists, but now they have released any new scenes have been very intrigued users.

Remember that this will be the last season of the series from Netflix, so gave it to know about the production, so it is expected that the chapters are interesting and entertaining, with the participation of new actors.

In the new trailer that reveals Darío Yazbek in his personal account of Instagram, you can see that Paulina de la Mora is located in the prison, as well as the return of the grandmother with his family, and of course the participation of the famous drag queen american Valentina.

In this third season of the series from Netflix starring a great cast of actors: Aislinn Derbez, Cecilia Suárez, Arturo Rios, Dario Yazbek, Maria Leon, Rebecca Jones. Ximena Sariñana, Pedro Sola, among other famous.

The new trailer for the series

We remember that “The House of Flowers” was debuted in August of 2018, under the direction of Manolo Caro, the project managed to become one of the favorite series on Netflix, especially for the great return of Veronica Castro.

But the unexpected decision of the famous actress to leave the project in the second season, was surprised at the fans, as the end of your character you he had a moment unfortunate in the story.

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It seems that the changes with the character of the mexican actress caused bewilderment among fans of the series from Netflix, as announced that the third season of “House of Flowers” will be the end of this entertaining story.

Photo: Instagram.