Alejandra Guzmán: In the economic CRISIS is his father by the pandemic, Terrible!!!


It turns out that has jumped to several media outlets that the singer Enrique Guzman he said that facing the crisis after several months ago, their bank accounts were blocked by problems with Finance.

The father of the singer Alejandra Guzman she also confessed that she’s now living a difficult moment and who was in charge of managing its economy, because at the moment it has no income.

Does Enrique Guzmán goes through economic crisis?

“Everything, everything must have a special measuring because there is no income, and in my case I do not have contracts or agreement with anyone, and I do not have income in these moments of no way, no way. So, to measure costs, what we have for the things they spend, and what others there are that control”.

It was by means of an interview she gave to the program “Sale el Sol”, the singer Enrique Guzmán confessed how much that will distress to be found in this scenario unfortunately: “have No income, yes I live a disgrace…”.

On the other hand, Enrique Guzmán recalled that months ago could have been maintained thanks to the projects carried out currently: “you have to stop everything… the shows I do are for the public, and in this case the public as they do not have to be present, so that what we are doing is to control us all and waiting with good faith and good confidence that all this will go forward fast.”

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Finally, who was the husband of the actress Silvia Pinal, said that, despite having given the information that the SAT requested him to release its bank accounts, because the government institutions are closed, now we just must wait for them to go back to work to know the final decision of the authorities on his case, so for now will go at least this month taking care of your health and the little money he has.