Alejandra Rubio the lia during the quarantine period. Suso Alvarez calla


Alejandra Rubio on Viva the life

April 02, 2020
(15:56 CET)

The task of the health professionals, as well as that of the FCSE, the armed forces etc., Is still commendable. In situations like these, why not leave each one of us to our terraces and provides an emotional tribute in the form of applause every evening at 20:00h.

The celebrities who are confined in their houses, in this sense, they are like all of us. Come out to their windows to applaud for at least a couple of minutes to those who are saving so many lives to the Spanish people. However, there are other famous and famous that think twice this clap. It is the case of Alejandra Rubio, the daughter of Terelu Fields.

Alejandra Rubio balcony

On Monday afternoon, Rubio went out to the terrace at eight o’clock with a friend that is going through the quarantine. But when it came time to clap, or a clap released Alexandra. Did you forget? Maybe yes, but it is strange. Forgetting… what for he went to the window?

alejandra rubio on the street confinement

Looking at your mobile phone, the granddaughter of the Fields was reluctant to applaud. There had to be an explanation… Maybe the answer to all of this, you could find on your own tv. That same afternoon, on the set of Save me, Miguel Frigenti –one of the partners is not isolated to difference of Belén Esteban and more recently Anabel Pantoja – cracked the biggest thing about it.

Frigenti told viewers of a possible confrontation between the young man and also is a contributor of the space of desktop Lydia Lozano. “A night at the disco Oh My Club, she with the air of divismo said, ‘that old fuck that has no idea of anything and just make up all of the news, has no idea of anything’. I was freaking out. I found it very ugly and very unwise to speak of people that didn’t know anything. And I love Lydia, I work since years ago. Also got with Suso”.

A few words of Frigenti, that did pop in to the tertuliana: “How old? Well, it took me four and a half years with his mother. What a pity that a girl so young have the presence of mind so closed. Because I to your best with 59, that in December I’m turning 60, I’m much more liberal, and I am much more open to it. How come stepping on this little girl with the heels on Telecinco? What’s this old? What a sadness!”. Certainly does not sit well to Lozano the scoop revealed by Miguel, but it seems that you fell into grace Alexandra Good. Perhaps he was circling the head to the subject and this was the reason why you “forgot” to clap?