Andrea de Janeiro what does and Belén Esteban teaches. Telecinco applauds


Andrea Janeiro EFE

April 02, 2020
(15:49 CET)

The coronavirus is not affecting all the partners of Save me alike. Some have decided to go to the program even and the risk it poses, while others have decided to stay home as a precaution. It is the case of Belén Esteban. The ‘princess of the people’ has been almost three weeks locked up between the walls of your home.

Yes, you are not alone. The accompanying more or less that her daughter Andrea Janeiro, which provides you with all the necessary support to the Stephen. He knows that to his mother these are really hard moments, so I would love to be with the pundits of Mediaset discussing the Fields or on the latest kicked out of ‘Survivors ‘ 2020’, but that the best thing you can do is what you are doing: stay in the house.

bethlehem stephen cookBethlehem-risk group. You do not have the youth, for example, of Anabel Pantoja, but also boasts a state of health is enviable. Your diabetes along with multiple aesthetic operations, making it one of the most vulnerable groups of the pandemic health that is completely changing our lives.

Luckily, Andreíta is doing to Bethlehem a quarantine more enjoyable. “My daughter helps me, I have a love-crazed one”, confessed the of Paracuellos de Jarama in a call-live with the space presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez. In the food, in the direct connections, the tasks of cleaning… His daughter is his biggest support in these days so difficult. The running of the bulls, without a doubt, he is doing much more bearable.

A decision very hard

The most difficult thing for Stephen, however, has not been to be away from their mates program, but to be away from her husband. Miguel Marcos and she is more alienated than ever in the physical. He is staff health and, by pure caution, both agree that it is not the time to be seen. When you pass all of this nightmare as you will be able to re-embrace.