Andrea Legarreta teaches outfit in The style of “Rosalia”


Andrea Legarreta rose to your account Instagram a photograph in which she appears modeling a white dress with red dots, in the style of flamenco, the flamenco tend to be totally red, or some red with white dots.

The driver of the Program Today, took the opportunity to show off the art that I had for the dress, as it makes sure that it is an original design by a designer mexican, although with some touches of Spanish, for what the famous did not hesitate to compare it with the singer of pop-flamenco “Rosalia”.

  • ““The Monica”!!! Today in TODAY, a beautiful and feminine design of our talented designer mexican @raquelorozcog THANK you for letting me mold your designs! I love you!!”, said Andrea Legarreta.

Look at the picture of Andrea Legarreta

The driver took many samples of affection on the part of his followers to publish a photograph, because their fans did not stop to tell how beautiful it looks, and complimented him on having a good attitude to bad situations of life.

and is that Andrea Legarreta is one of the few people who is not doing quarantine total, then she has to continue going to the program Today to drive to entertain the audience if you stay at home, that yes, it does so with all necessary precautions for not contracting Coronavirus.

By the way, this the first of April, Andrea legarreta celebrated its anniversary with Erik Rubin, and in the programme Today the driver not stopped to talk a little bit about your love story, and as you have grown as a couple during these years, where the fruit of their love has given them two talented daughters, Mia and Nina, and both have shown their talents in films, plays.

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The wife of Erik Rubin is one of the drivers of the country’s most significant and account with a total of 4.2 million followers on its official account of instagram, who surely are aware of the career of this famous.