Angelina Jolie: son Maddox, he will study again in Korea


As it is now known was Angelina Jolie he spends the quarantine Coronavirus together with his children. Among these, the largest is Maddoxis, again, specifically Seoul, where he participating in the Yonsei UniversityInstitute, where he is studying biotechnology.

A choice dictated mainly deletion of the semester, the school because of the virus, very appreciated by the mother, that he had the opportunity, riabbracciare, born in the first place. TV -, radio-DongA Daily, the 44-year-old actress has, in fact, claims that “could not be happier“the curriculum of the school of the son.

However, the outbreak of the pandemic not scombinerà the plans of Maddoxassured Jolie: “Not transferred to another school, back in Seoul, after the things can be arranged. In the meantime, using the free time to focus on his studies, Korea focus, Korean and Russian“.

Also Angelina has said that he admire you greatly, South Koreato be lodandola to become “a modern economy, success, promote, and at the same time, the own culture and the values that made it unique over the centuries“.

The star of the series film Maleficent wanted to make an appeal: “Almost a billion people in the world have no access to an education, because the schools and universities are the churches. It is the enlightenment and guidance is urgently needed, to these young people, for example, via distance learning.

Angelina mother of six children – in addition to Maddox, there are persons, from the age of 16 years, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 13, and twins undicenni Knox and Vivienne – had or adopted together with theex-husband Brad Pitt. The latter had tried to persuade you to allow a minimum of Shiloh, the quarantine with the father could spend, but it would not be persuaded, the woman who forces every day, a rigorous scan per hour, consisting of tasks and chores.