ANIME: Tower of God Crunchyroll Originals is trending on Twitter


Tower of God is the anime of Crunchyroll Originals that became a trend Twitter after star available on the platform of Crunchyroll on April 1, 2020, being one of the new series in addition to the spring catalog to help cope with these moments slip by Coronavirus.

According to the information of Player One, the official account of Tower of God on Twitter, he celebrated the acceptance of the fans of the anime for its new series based on the work of SIU, the same as that from the first episode highlighted the “close relationship between Bam and Rachel, as well as their reasons for climbing the Tower of God, a site that leads to difficult fighting.”

The premise of the anime original by Crunchyroll promised to the protagonists that come to the top of Tower of God, the convert them to what they want, resulting in a force equal to that of a god; what is more important is survival, but Rachel only wants to see the stars at the top and Ban for anything in the world separate from it.

Most of Tower of God

This anime is an achievement for the creator called the SIU, because their work is already published on the platform on the Webtoon and now featured with his adaptation animated by Telecom Animation Film, being a project of eight more confirmed within Crunchyroll Originals.

To commemorate this achievement, SIU reported a few words to all the fandom who waited with eagerness to see your work in the version anime, and if you have not yet decided for this animated title, we invite you to give a look to that you find a good alternative for entertainment during the contingency of health which is lived by the Coronavirus.

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  • “I am SIU, author and creator of ‘Tower of God’. When I was young I imagined that in 2020 you might wear shoes that give me the ability to fly.
  • Currently it is 2020, and it is possible that you do not have these shoes that I allow, but the webtoon in which I worked for more than 10 years in Naver, ‘Tower of God’, finally had the opportunity to become an animation.
  • I never would have imagined that this would happen.
  • I hope that this animation will give you all more joy that those shoes flying and enjoy this exciting adventure with the little turtle selected for the “Tower”. Thanks”