Anitta turn and does so. The video that surprises Becky G



April 01, 2020
(19:47 CET)

The brazilian Anitta is gaining many followers during this quarantine because it is showing as it is, and for many it is even better than they thought.

To the artist that many valued only for her body and her music has shown his role of entrepreneur in these times, but above all has taught her altruism as it is helping a lot of people these days.

The valuation of the same is at historic highs and it also seems that their fans know already that you are sharing great moments of the brazilian.

A dance brutal

One of the videos you have shared has been a dance of twerking done by Anitta at a concert with an outfit similar to the clothes troglodyte that has put the brazilian as the queen of twerking.

And that was until recently Becky G who took away the merits in this areas where he had always proven to be among the best with its spasms.

A birthday different

During the day yesterday, Anitta celebrated his birthday in the middle of the quarantine zone with the hundreds of congratulations that you were glad a day of birthday that you will never forget for the exceptional of the situation.

In fact, it was celebrated with much joy by thanking all his followers for the support by posting a photo of when he was a baby and with a message in which he said, “one more year, thank you.”