Ariana Grande: after 18 years, he has spent the first Thanksgiving with both parents


2 December 2019

It was a Thanksgiving really special for Ariana Grande.

For the first time after 18 years, the singer has celebrated the occasion in the company of his mother Joan Great that his dad Edward Butera.

He told the same artist, 26-year-old, by posting a selfie of the family in the Stories of Instagram: “The first Thanksgiving with both of my parents for 18 years this part“.

Also, mr. Butera has shared a photo from Thanksgiving with Ari, writing a tender, caption: “No word can explain the joy“.

The parents of Ariana Grande had the couple divorced in 2003 and the star had explained in the past that the relationship with the father had cooled.

The most difficult thing I had to do was losing contact with my dadhe said to Seventeen in 2014 – It took me a long time to be okay with this thing. I have learned to accept that half of me comes from my dad, many of my traits. For a long time, I didn’t like this thing of myself. But I’ve accepted that it’s okay to disagree with someone and still love him the same“.

But in the last few years you have returnedduring the father’s day in 2017, the singer had shared a photo throwback to Edward Butera and, last Christmas, he had published a sweet image of the moment in which videochiamava dad with FaceTime.

At his last birthday, last June, Edward had reached the ex-wife Joan to surprise her daughter with a cake during a concert.

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