Ariana Grande “I was always drunk”/ “The death of Mac Miller has been devastating”


Ariana Grandethrough the weekly Vanity Fair, she recounted various anecdotes about the ex-boyfriend of rapper Mac Miller, art name is Malcolm James McCormick, who died on the 7th of September to an overdose. The participation in the Festival, Coachella has brought to the mind of Ariana Grande a few moments with him: “Not attending the festival, I was not interested. But the first time I happened to Coachella was for a performance of Malcolm, a really incredible experience. I’m back, and I kept thinking of him…”. A memory that brought a great sorrow, even to bring it closer to alcohol: “To process what has happened in so short a time has me going out of my head. I don’t remember those months I was always sad and drunk and I have no idea how I ended up with ten songs ready”. Meanwhile, the release of the first album has done to make an important awareness: “I think this is the first album, “Thank U, Next”, released on 8 February, where I’m realizing that I can no longer postpone the need to simply be myself.”

Ariana Grande and attacks the social after the death of Mac Miller

Ariana Grandethrough social, has been the victim of attacks for not having saved the former from the drug: “Malign and accuse a woman for the inability of a man to control himself is a big problem, please, let’s stop. People are commenting but don’t know the struggles, the love, the exhaustion. Have no idea how many times I warned you that could succeed him something serious, I have fought this battle for years”. The closure is in remembering the tragedy of Manchester, an episode that is unlikely to ever forget: “I am proud of the fact that we were able to collect a lot of money, in the end, however, this is not reported back none. There is still a lot to process, and which will probably never be able to talk to.”