Ariana Grande’s duet with Barbra Streisand “No More Tears”


The secret is revealed!Barbra Streisand he has published with these words, a photo with the singer Ariana Grande after the surprise that the two artists have organized on the stage of the The United Center of Chicago.

During one of the stops of his tour, the Streisand, for the song “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” he wanted to accompany her in a duet was the Aryan who has obviously accepted with great honor. It was originally Donna Summer to record the song with Barbra.

A moment that I will remember for the whole life” did he know the young man that he wished to thank the famous artist, after having dried the tears of joy.

Here is the video of the performance:

The duet from Ariana Grande and Barbra Streisand

Ariana Grande only a few days before had taken part in the festival Lollapalooza -also this was in the city – during which he performed for the first time live her new single “Boyfriend”.

But the show with Barbra Streisand and has accompanied another news revealed in the week from a young singer and sees her collaborate with another of his idols. It is Jim Carrey.

Ariana did he know that he will take part in the second season of the show “Kidding”the protagonist of which is just the actor for her is being able to work together represented another dream become a reality.

“Nothing is more extraordinary to be able to work with someone who you have idolised and worshipped from when you couldn’t even talk about and even more amazing is to discover that that person is the most special and generous than you imagined”.

What a week full of emotions for Ariana!