Awesome! Miley Cyrus spoke with who least thought of how they Made peace with?


With the onset of social isolation, the artists have brought out their creative ideas to break the boredom. Miley Cyrus it is one of the most interactive with their “followers”.

It turns out that the former Disney star is doing interviews with other celebrities via IGTV, but he has been so good that maybe consider doing it live and direct on any tv station.

In the show, the composer have you communicated with colleagues as: Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, and Hilary Duff. But to whom less is expected by the followers in the program was the woman from Justin Bieber ¡Hailey Baldwin!

When the diva quoted to Hailey for a “live” this did not hesitate to accept it And revolutionized the platform! Because so far it has been one of the episodes with the most visits of all that have been published.

For more surprise, the protagonist of “Hannah Montana”, performed a “make up” for partying. And she, as well as Baldwin recommended to use it when you make video calls in quarantine.

Such was the receptivity of the fans with the stars, which asked for a new edition. And Miley premiered talking about beauty and facial care-Two issues that are indispensable for women!

Up to now, the ex of Liam Hemsworth has more than 13 chapters of the segment and can be viewed in your profile official, apparently it is a show that has garnered success in its few weeks of transmission.