BTS exceeded a new record of followers on Instagram, and the ARMY celebrates it


BTS surprised to ARMY with reach to more than 24 million followers in his official account of Instagramthat is not very active for the group K-Pop but not so their fandom of the overlooked and was one of the reasons why that became a trend in social networks.

The famous group of the Bangtan Boys used to communicate with their fans through platforms such as Weverse, V-Live and above all, his official account of Twitterbecause Instagram stores all of the promotion of their comebacks, like a surprising design to know every album of BTS.

The huge sum of 21 million followers on Instagram just came to the end of 2019, so that the ARMY is excited by the popularity in growth of their idols favorites during the early months of 2020; as the boyband that is represented by the agency, Big Hit Entertainment, debuted seven years ago, in the 2013.

The record of BTS in Instagram

The boys of BTS are healthy during this pandemic by Coronaviruses, have not forgotten to thank their community of fans through their social networks and remain active in these virtual platforms to continue launching more of their music, as the Map Of The Soul Tour has had to be suspended until further notice.

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A situation that has been in the ARMY a little discouraged but thanks to the new content published by BTS, both in YouTube as a special television through streaming, have been able to cope with this quarantine world with more positive attitude and the hopes of seeing the famous singers of K-Pop.