‘Camera café’ brings together virtually all of his cast to ask you to stay at home


The video, more than viral on Twitter, it has become a trend in Spain thank you to all those nostalgics who still remember that space prior to the prime time that both would triumph in Telecinco. ‘Camera Café’ was a format that was successful in numerous windows all over the world, but since then few works of fiction are to feel as “Spanish”. The essence of the character of our country is perceived in each character, and dialogue cani, something I picked up in the middle of a pandemic, you press the little heart… and a lot. The video starts with a Jesus Quesada, the character that give life Arturo Valls, hell-bent on skipping the quarantine to be planted in your favorite bar, entering through the roof if needed because “there are many hours at home” and from there to any conversation that you’ve been able to have these days in the chat of the family.

  The entire cast of 'Camera Café'

“Julian, I discovered a bar that’s open ‘of estrangis'”, and after the already typical “to see that we cannot get out of the house”, “if I get caught will I fall of the hair”, “you have to stay home and not go out”, recited by the one that can’t more and think out a little nothing happens, which already speaks up with the tele, which has all the products of the disinfection potential, which has become the police neighborhood, which has made clear that the hairdresser should be a service of first necessity, that is up to the bow to include you in these conversations pandemic, which gives tips for coping with anxiety… Ana Milan, Joaquín Reyes, Alex O’dogherty, each of the protagonists has shared assembly in your social networks to contribute their grain of sand to give encouragement to all and get rid of the mind the worst of the coronavirus even during the little more than two minutes in the duration of the video call with the whole office gathered again.

Nostalgia, that ally

‘Camera Café’ has been marked a reunion of epic as a few. And is that while it is true that we are being bombarded with videos, and proposals of all kinds to raise the morale during this quarantine, few manage to give the key of the way in which what has made the meeting starring one of our offices favorite… But if we had to choose a silver medal without a doubt I would go for one of the groups of adolescents that most remember it from the 90s: Backstreet Boys. A. J., Howie, Brian, Nick and Kevin playing the great song ‘I Want It That Way’ each one from your home, and intoning that “we are so far away that we want you to know that, in the depths of my, you are my fire”… Ugh, well, that, that takes the second position because all the compis of Jesus we have stopped the feet to not be planted in the bar.