Cardi B in the hospital: “I was Afraid of having the coronavirus”


For a few terrible days Cardi B he feared to have contracted the Coronavirus after that she felt very bad last week, with acute pangs in the stomach and severe form of exhaustion. Transported to the hospital, where it was subjected to analysis and the fateful bufferthe rapper was negative to the COVID-19, pulling a sigh of relief. So back on the social yesterday, after days of absence, posting on Twitter a photo from the hospital wearing a mask health, and the face marked by exhaustion and concern.

With the eyes covered by a pair of glasses, to conceal the total absence of make-up and the fiery red hair that is collected the better, the singer wrote to fans who wondered what had happened to their idol, as, being the Usa is in full epidemic of Coronavirus, not a day goes by without the bulletin of the people infected, vips and celebrities, will continue to be updated. Cardi B, then, has revealed that he was hospitalized after suffering for days “serious problems the stomach“.

The rapper has tried to heal themselves at home, but Tuesday evening is collapsed, with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and pain so stabbing her to run to the first aidarmed before protective mask and disposable gloves as recommended to make the american government to anyone entering a hospital these days. As reported by Metro UkCardi B in a tweet now deleted, he wrote: “In to be honest I have to warn you, having had stomach problems for four days, then I did more and I went to the emergency room yesterday evening. I was terrified for the Coronavirus“. Next to the message there was an emoji of a smiley face in tears. “But luckily he added now I feel much better and I hope tomorrow to feel more pain“.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, shared ever on Twitter a photo with your wrist band from the hospital. The rapper has then deleted the picture this morning after being discharged and once at home, went on Instagram to share a meme of Donald’s in bed with the caption: “When you’re hungry, but all the food in the house must be cooked”. Commenting on the image the singer wrote: “Mood fott**ly good time“. Cardi B, 27 years, then openly admitted to having feared the worst given that among the first symptoms the coronavirus, there are also gastrointestinal problems, such as those who carried it straight to the emergency room.

In a video previously posted on Instagram about the COVID-19, the rapper, wearing a mask, although you would find it in his apartment in new york, had said with enthusiasm: “Let me tell you a thing! I don’t know what ca**or is this coronavirus, nor what it was that I**in Wuhan, in China, but suddenly is on tour from the us. Be careful!”. Then the silence that lasted days in which she had feared to have contracted the virus, fear and then averted from the swab performed in the hospital during the hospital stay.

The rapper has wanted to still share with his followers what has to be done to stay so bad, to the point of fear for his life. And the fans respect the privacy relied on by the singer, who last month was already displayed on the social literally terrified by the pandemic, to the point of caress with the idea of escape away from the Usa, Antarcticabringing with her the husband Offset girl Kulture, 1 year. But now that Trump he closed the borders, the dream of Cardi B to take refuge in a luxury resort at the South Pole is more remote than ever.

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