Chiquis Rivera teaches her voluptuous rear in pajamas


Chiquis RIvera rose to your account Instagram a photo where he appears with his pajamas, pink, as a housewife, preparing dinner, and ready to go to sleep at any time.

In the picture it is possible to see that the daughter of Jenni Riverto have taken quite well to the quarantine, because he looks quiet, following a daily routine, and above all, spending a pleasant time with your husband Lorenzo Mendez.

  • “Today I decided to get pretty and cook with style, but comfortable! Haha I’ve had more in this quarantine, the COOKING and CLEANING! Who else feels this way?”, he published the famous.

Look at the Picture of Chiquis Rivera

The wife of Lorenzo Mendez received hundreds of comments by his fans who also feel like her during this quarantine, but ensuring that, for now, health is most important, so that the congratulate and thank you for setting the example of staying at home.

The diet of Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera does not tire of showing off which is one of the main promoters of the diet keto, a diet free of carbohydrates that makes your body take the energy it needs from fat acomulada, eliminating what your body doesn’t need.

In the photo you shared we can see it by doing one of the recipes of this diet. and with a book on the diet keto next to it, this diet is one of the most used by the famous, because that guarantees a quick weight loss, although sometimes it is accompanied by a rebound if it is not known to keep.

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The niece of Lupillo Rivera is one of the influencers, most popular, and boasts more than 3 million followers in Instagram, actually lack a little in order to reach the 4 million fans on the social network.