Claudia and Alexis Valdés convene in the city of Miami to join in the applause mass in gratitude to the health workers


The american city of Miami (Florida) will be the next city on the heels of the cheers massive thanks to all of the health staff, who is currently working and involved in the front line in the battle against the spread of the coronavirus.

The drivers of the realization of this nice initiative in the city of The sun have been the popular entertainers of cuban Claudia Valdes and Alexis Valdéswho through their social networks have begun to call his fans to join and share the idea with everyone else.

The appointment will be today at 9:00 pm, but with the intention that they will be repeat each night until the end of the quarantine. Claudia invited all his followers to go out to applaud on the outside of their homes at the agreed time, so that during the following days will add up to many neighbors.

“At 9:00 pm the applause. We went out to the door. Already added the others. Who is pointing? We applaud our heroes,” said Claudia in their stories of Instagram. Alexis, for her part, also shared the idea in their networks.

Claudia Valdés / Instagram

Claudia also added on his wall: “At 9:00 pm we will depart each day to applaud. Already added to my neighbors. I will share it with you and you with your friends and so on until we all join in a round of applause that reaches to all hospitals in Miami. And so of the world.”

Then, he added: “My Alexis Valdés wrote this that it came out of your heart in just minutes to the super heroes of this story”, making allusion to the emotional poem published by the actor dedicated to all the doctors of the world.

The idea of clapping from the windows, terraces or balconies in honor of the health staff and other workers such as police officers, dispatchers at home or dependent of the power, began to develop in Europe in Italy and Spainfirst to 9 and then to 8 in the night to join the small house, after they declared the State of Alarm, and the quarantine in both nations.

This nice initiative of gratitude is rapidly expanding and has been taking place in other countries such as Cuba, where he has been living in the last days a rain of applause in Havana, Costa Rica and cities of the united States as New York, where each night the citizens pay in this way, his particular tribute to all those who still come face-to-face with the pandemic.