Emily Ratajkowski teaches you what’s under the jersey in the TOILET. Don’t wear anything and “oh, look!”


Emily Ratajkowski

April 02, 2020
(12:58 CET)

Emily Ratajkowski has got the taste for it to become one of the phenomena in social networks in recent days. And it seems that during this quarantine has to Emily and many of his followers confined in their homes, the model is bringing out its already usual side more sensual.

There have been various times in the past few days we have been able to see photos and videos of Emily in which the american does not make another thing that boast figure, and how not, to leave your followers with the mouth open.

A Ratajkowski if you already regularly usually starring perched and publications very risqué, during these days high even more tone. Your photo without any clothes on behind a curtain or in the bathtub covered with foam are just two examples of this.

The photo of Emily Ratajkowski

However, beyond his publications fixed in your account of Instagram, also Emily has opted to take advantage of their stories. Videos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours and the model also shows very sensual.

In this case, it has opted for be recorded in front of the mirror while sipping a good wine. A video that is not exactly the wine the protagonist, if not the outfit that looks Emily.

Emily Ratajkowski

And it is that, with one of those t-shirts with a cut below the chest and a tracksuit, Emily have a small oversight (if that word exists in the dictionary of the american) when he raises a little the cup.

Emily Ratajkowski

It is in this moment that we can see how, under the shirt, don’t wear anything. And of course his followers have not made another thing that to stay with the mouth open. Comments like “What a beast” or “oh, look!” as they fly through the social networks.