Evarista “Live the story” turns 84 years old and celebrates giving tips to fight against the coronavirus


The cuban actress Aris Teresa, who every week makes you laugh to viewers with his character of Evarista in the popular series of cuban television Live the story, is a celebration.

The artist just turned 84 years of age, being a carrier of a contagious joy and good humor it conveys to its audience whenever it appears on the small screen. Hence, the lady has taken advantage of his charisma and naturalness to send a message on the day of his birthday mainly dedicated to the people of the third age, who, like her, are living with the difficult situation that has brought about the spread of the COVID – 19.

Through a video that was posted on the profile of Facebook of the cuban actor Luis Silvacommissioned to give life to Panfilo Epiphanius in this program, humorous, Aris, Teresa has invited all seniors that meet the appropriate security measures launched by the health institutions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Am I 84 years old and I want to say to all the people, mainly the elderly, do the same as I, tranquilita at home, arranging the drawers, playing with the cell phone, reading, knitting, sleeping, watching tv, helping the grandchildren with the teleclases, in the end, doing something useful, but at home. So we will avoid the contagion. In addition, following the measures taken. To take care of yourself, stay at home,” said the actress.

In addition to his words prevention before the pandemicthe loving message of greeting on her birthday have not been lacking in the social networks.

Your partner Luis Silva it was one of the first that sent to Aris Teresa their best wishes in their day through a beautiful dedication to the one that was also joined thousands of followers to Live the story.

“Today is a birthday, Aris, Teresa, better known as Evarista. The old lady who sells everything to Live in the story. What you fulfill many more and we can continue counting on you in every chapter of the program,” commented the artist.

“Congratulations and great care in these times”, “Many congratulations for such a great actress that delights us every Monday next to this wonderful cast”, “Dona Evarista, many congrats on your meet, let it be a beautiful day filled with love. Do not go, take care of yourself to be able to continue to delight us with their pleasant, charismatic and natural performance”, “Many congratulations for such a great actress, God bless her with many years of life,” or “Many congratulations for this granny, very cute that character that makes us laugh a lot”, are some of the beautiful words that you dedicated some fans of the series to the actress through the publication of Luis Silva.