Final Fantasy VII: Cosplay Tifa Lockhart falls in love with the fans it Beautiful!


Clarissa ‘Punipun’ Widjaya it is the talented cosplayer that captivated their 330 thousand followers of Instagram with a charming cosplay of Tifa Lockhart, character of the famous video game Final Fantasy VII by Tetsuya Nomura and with the help of Photoshop was able to recreate the best features of the mighty warrior.

The cosplayer took the new version of the battle suit that carries Tifa Lockhart in the remake of Final Fantasy VII, a game that is about to premiere the next 10 of February for the PlayStation platform 4 (exclusively for a year) and their thousands of followers on Instagram you praised their work of characterization.

Apparently the talented cosplayer has physical traits that resemble that of the female character in FFVII, the costume he wears consists of a sexy white top that exposed her abdomen, took a skirt along with a few straps, gloves of black leather, black stockings, pupilentes and red long wig with a hairstyle attached to the end with a red ribbon.

The cosplay of Tifa Lockhart

The talented Clarissa ‘Punipun’ Widjaya said that you do not have a PlayStation 4 to play the new Final Fantasy VII Remake, but is anxious to finally see one of their favorite game after the success of Square Enix with Kingdom Hearts 3 and the award-winning Final Fantasy XV.

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Something that characterizes the world of Final Fantasy, is that they have opted for animated films or cinematic realistic in their video gaming, with FFVII it was in 2005 with the tape Advent Children that is popularized this way of promoting their works, and Final Fantasy repeated with Kingsglaive in 2016 (being the prequel of the story).